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The MediAbility project collaborate with mainstream media companies for more and fair portrayal of people with disabilities

Activities within the project
Workshops to increase media literacy
Research on monitoring of portrayal of persons with disability
Cooperation between media and disability NGO:s
Media disability and advertising
International Cooperation

Project owner and partners

The Mediability project was intiated by The Swedish Disability Federation to find a model for knowledge exchange between the disability NGO:s and leading media companies.

The digital stories are published on the website of UR, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting company, one of the project partners. http://www.ur.se/rfb/index.php?t=1&tt=9

The project has also been an active partner in a euroepan networking project: http://www.mediaanddisability.org

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The Swedish Disability Federation, a Swedish umbrella organisation, representing 43 national disability organisations and 460 000 individual members.

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Mia Ahlgren, mia.ahlgren@hso.se
Emil Erdtman, emil.erdtman@hso.se
Annika Klevegren, annika.klevegren@hso.se






The project is funded by the Swedish Inheritence Fund.