Digital Stories




Digital storytelling is one part of the Mediability project
The project also includes other activities to encourage participation in digital media, as well as research seminars and training to increase and improve inclusion of people with disabilities in Mainstream media.

New media using information and communication technology, ICT, has made it possible for anybody to publish ideas on internet. In the MediAbility project we asked ourselves: How can this possibility be used to strengthen democracy and what will happen when people who are used to others telling their stories start taking control of the tools for digital communication.

Our mission
Inclusion of people with disabilities in media should become as natural as aiming for an equal representation of men and women. Fair media portrayal will increase the possibilities for people with disabilities to be included in society and to find employment.

Berättelsens kraft, pdf










Digitala berättelser, pdf










Google language tool can help to translate from swedish to different language:


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