Workshop design




Digital storytelling has existed for about 15 years since the idea was developed in California.
In the MediAbility project we have taken the method a step further to make it really easy and unexpensive to take control of tools for digital communication and to spread the knowledge locally. We could have toured the country with a tutor and a set of computers. Instead we have worked locally with different external process leaders and a wide range of organisations in all our workshops.

A workshop lasts for two days. Some workshop leaders have used a theme to encourage the stories, but the participants have always decided themselves what story to tell. In logical and structured steps the participants work out a story-line with coaching in storytelling and technology.

Programs already existing in the computer program setup – MovieMaker (PC) and iMovie (Mac) – are used. We add a digital camera and microphone. Thus people can continue themselves to explore digital communication without any extra cost, and sometimes even invent their own ways to make the content accessible. The project members serve as intermediators to make it really easy to remove barriers for inclusion in digital communication.


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