How can we possibly choose just a few of the more than 150 films produced in 22 workshops? Anyhow, we did. We have tried to show the great variety of stories and storytellers in age, gender, disability, ethnic background or prior experience of using computers. We proudly present:

Margaretha Lindeberg, our oldest participant, an artist born 1923. She illustrates a childhood memory in My pianolessons.

Barbara Andersson tell us her story about Old Tore.

One of our younger participants Hobbe Broberg give us a story in Welcome to World of Warcraft 

At Surra, a media center for people with intellectual disabilities, the theme on Human Rights inspired Fredde Wikström to his film Kosovo

In another workshop with journalists, Emil Erdtman, uses humour in his story Disability at work

Per Frykman made this film in 2006 and he compares a day at the office with the one of a very famous swede


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